Ahart Acres

Tennessee Fainting Goats and Poultry

Goat Sales Contract

Below is a copy of our Sales Contract, all buyers will be required to sign this when purchasing a goat from Ahart Acres.

This contract is for the sale of the following goat(s), herein referred to as "the goat" for the total sum following after each of the goat's names:_____________________________  $_____________________
Sold to_____________________________, herein referred to as the buyer. Each party will have responsibilities for this exchange as follows:

Ahart Acres is responsible for and will:
-Feed, house and provide basic maintenance, health care and worming to the goat until the agreed upon pick up date, unless other arrangements are made.
-Give possession of the goat to the buyer on the agreed upon date after full payment is recieved.

The Buyer is responsible for and will:
-Pick up the goat on or before_________________________
-Pay the full purchase price with cash at or by the time of pick-up, or with a personal check at least 10 days prior to pick-up.
-Pay for and provide adequate transportation of the goat-all goats must be transported in an adequately sized, covered, ventilated, safe vehicle where they may comfortably and safely stand. turn around, and lay down. If the buyer shows up to pick up the goat with what Ahart Acres determines to be unsatisfactory/unsafe transportation, Ahart Acres retains the right to refuse to release the goat.
-Pay for Veterinary Health Certificate (optional, but required by law for interstate travel), and fees charged by the vet for the farm call and animal examination and tests.
-Provide adequate food, care, shelter, and fresh water for the goat at all times. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO KEEP A GOAT TIED-OUT OR ON A CHAIN! If at any time it is found that these basic needs are not being met, the authorities will be notified and Ahart Acres will take back ownership of the goats. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!

Terms & Conditions:
-The down payment/deposit is non-refundable. If the buyer decides to cancel the purchase, their down payment/deposit will not be refunded.
-If the goat is not picked up within a week of the agreed upon date, the buyer forfeits the animal as well as the monies, unless we have agreed on other arrangements in writing.
-By paying a deposit/down payment, the buyer agrees to, and is bound by, all terms, conditions, and responsibilites laid out in this contract. By signing this contract the buyer agrres that they have read and understand this entire contract and they agree to all the responsibilities, terms, and conditions laid out herein.
-All goats will be sold registered with the MGR or will have the paperwork ready for the new owner to do so. *ALL GOATS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH THE AHART ACRES FARM NAME AHEAD OF THEIR NAME!!!  eg. Ahart Acres _(goats name)    .  This is extremely important if we are to preserve the bloodlines of this rare breed!

-Goats can get sick, diseases, die, or develop previously unseen teat scurs, bad bites, etc. Ahart Acres  is not responsible for these unforeseen "acts of nature".

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